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Job 3192

Hawaii School for the Deaf and the Blind Principal

Hawaii Department of Education

Honlulu, HI


Duties: The Hawaii School for the Deaf and the Blind located in Honolulu, Hawaii is seeking a principal. The Department of Education is seeking an individual with visionary leadership and strong administrative skills to lead a multicultural school of over 50 students.


Qualifications: The final salary for the successful candidate will be determined based upon proven experience, qualifications and meeting the necessary criteria


Additional Information: Salary for the successful candidate will be in the range of $115,799.00 plus a comprehensive benefits package including fully paid housing on campus. Interested candidates may apply online at www.rayassoc.com  Ray and Associates, Inc. Ph: 319/393-3115 E-mail: glr@rayassoc.com Application Deadline: May 16, 2016 Please do not contact the Board, School or District directly.


Closing Date: May 16, 2016


For further information, contact:

Ray and Associates

Phone: (319) 393-3115

Email: glr@rayassoc.com


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