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Job 3197

Teacher of the Visually Impaired

Bay District Schools

Panama City, FL


Duties: Plans and prepares engaging lesson plans, resources, learning activities, and assessments in advance as required by the principal, district, and Florida DOE requirements.  Incorporates current and effective research based strategies when planning for instruction taking into account the skills, knowledge, interests, cultural heritage, and special needs of ESE students.  Establishes and communicates clear learning objectives and outcomes.  Identifies and provides a variety of instructional resources (including but not limited to technology and outside resources) as appropriate for each student’s needs.  Utilizes formative assessments to determine re-teaching/remediation and enrichment strategies and summative assessments to assess Common Core State Standards. Works with administration and department/grade-level chairperson in the improvement of curriculum by reviewing and selecting new materials. Demonstrates a solid knowledge of subject content with pedagogy consideration. Plans instructional strategies and accommodations for ESE students Organizes and manages groups of individual ESE pupils ensuring differentiation of learning needs, materials, and assignments/assessments that accommodate and reflect all academic levels. Creates a community of learning by planning for opportunities to develop the social, emotional and cultural aspects of pupils’ learning. Engages ESE students in meaningful work by inviting students to think critically and creating opportunities for students to participate in genuine discussions. Reflects on instructional practice as it pertains to ESE student success and prepares alternative strategies as appropriate. Communicates with parents (i.e., conferences, email, phone, parent portal, class website, district approved program, etc.) on a regular basis to encourage family engagement in the instructional program as well as their child’s progress. Ensures effective use of available resources within the classroom, including parent volunteers, paraprofessionals and associate teachers. Participates in staff meetings as required. Shares professional development with the faculty/district/state as appropriate. Ensures that school and district policies are reflected in daily practice. Supervises student behavior on school grounds (i.e. playground, hall and student pick-up area), within approved student contact minutes. Carries direct responsibility for classroom discipline and maintenance of School Board property. Performs other applicable duties as assigned by principal. Acts as ESE case manager to ensure individual education plans are appropriate, timely, and implemented.


Qualifications: Florida Certification (or letter of eligibility stating same) required. Prefer experience working in a school system setting.


Additional Information: Baseline salary: $34,480. Might be eligible for additional supplement, critical shortage bonus, and higher rate of pay for job alike experience.


Closing Date: July 29, 2016


For further information, contact:

Mr. Pat Martin

Director of ESE Services

Bay District Schools 1311 Balboa Ave.

Panama City, FL 32401

Phone: (850) 767-4164

Email: marticp@bay.k12.fl.us



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