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Job 3198

Elementary Principal

Ohio School for the Deaf

Columbus, OH


Duties: Purpose: Provides administrative supervision and educational leadership in K-12 academic program and extracurricular duties, with an emphasis on grades K-8, student activities, and support services. Fosters and ensures the education program of the school: Develops and implements policies, programs, and schedules of classes; -Supervises educational programming and support services; Facilitates the administration and submission of Ohio's statewide tests for students and local measures; Develops a systematic approach to ordering teaching materials, supplies, and equipment; Directs daily management of the school, including 9-12+ and support services in absence of the 9-12+ Principal; Addresses behavioral needs of students including Code of Conduct violations; Oversees IEP development and ETRs. Maintains teaching and support staff job results; Coaches, counsels and disciplines teachers in accordance with OSD policies and procedures and State requirements; Assists in the planning, monitoring and appraising of job results; Recruits, selects, provides orientation and training for teachers and support staff; Completes performance evaluations and classroom observations in K-8 and of support staff areas following OSD's framework for implementing Ohio Teacher Evaluation System; -Plans professional development for teachers, aides and clerical staff and orientation activities for substitute teachers and newly hired staff; Plans and approves staff development activities. Helps contribute to OSD's effectiveness: Identifies short and long term issues that must be addressed; Researches and disseminates pertinent information (e.g., language development, requirements for special education, core content requirements, testing, credit patterns, and model lesson plans); Establishes cooperative partnerships with community agencies, business partners, or PSA; Addresses parental concerns, answers questions, reports on academic progress, and ensures EMIS compliance; Serves as member of the Superintendent's Program (administrative) Team; Communicates and problem solves with other OSD departments on a regular basis; Addresses health and safety concerns of students, parents, and staff and recommends actions; Attends representative amount of extracurricular activities on weekends and evenings; Contributes to school wide efforts to improve written and electronic communications with alumni, parents, and other groups; Assists with oversight of athletic operations; Applies student test analysis to inform instruction; Participates on Strategic Planning Committee and gathers measurements for Strategic Plan. Identifies current and future education requirements: Establishes relationships with university, local school district, community, and business leaders, and students to understand educational needs of OSD students now and in future; -Surveys operation and education conditions; Recommends and takes necessary actions. Maintains professional and technical knowledge: Attends educational workshops; Reviews professional publications; -Establishes personal networks; -Participates in professional organizations; -Keeps abreast of educational programs in Ohio; Keeps abreast of Ohio's requirements for IEPs, ETRs, special education procedures, and collective bargaining agreements; Submits an annual plan to LPDC; -Participates in license requirements; -Leads faculty meetings, school committees, and professional development activities; Develops working knowledge of Ohio's requirements of coursework in Ohio schools, common core standards, testing requirements, OAKS procedures for timekeeping and fiscal, EMIS reporting, and OSD's policies and procedures.


Qualifications: Master's Degree and three years experience in a principal or administrative specialist position and valid Ohio educational certification/licensure as a Principal; or equivalent education and experience which demonstrate eligibility to attain license. Special consideration will be given to the following: demonstrated ability in the administration of programs for students who are deaf or hard of hearing; fluency in American Sign Language (ASL) [i.e. minimum of Intermediate rating on the Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI)]; and/or specific ability and knowledge relevant to working with the blind, deaf and multiple disabilities.


Additional Information: To apply: http://agency.governmentjobs.com/ohio/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=1436613


Closing Date: 06/17/2016


For further information, contact:

Kimberly Basil

Human Capital Management Analyst

500 Morse Road

Columbus, OH 43214

Phone: (614)728-5409

Email: basil@osdb.oh.gov



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