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Job 3213

Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (VRT or CVRT)

The Blind & Visually Impaired Center of Monterey County

Pacific Grove, CA


Duties: Mainly serving seniors (age 55+), the primary purpose of the VRT/CVRT is to assess the training needs, and develop and implement an appropriate individualized plan for each client. Skills to be taught include all areas of communication, daily living training, O&M evaluation & training, personal management, low vision training, and discharge planning. Instruction in adaptive techniques should result in an increase in independence and integration into the community. The VRT/CVRT also maintains files and manages progress toward goals. This position assists the eye doctor and/or CLVT in the low vision clinic and instructs individuals in the use of residual vision with optical devices, non-optical devices, and assistive technology, and helps determine the need for environmental modifications in the home, workplace or school. The VRT/CVRT works as part of an interdisciplinary team with an optometrist, other program staff, office, management and volunteer staff to create a service plan and ensure quality services. The BVIC is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the bases if race, culture, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation.


Essential Duties:


  • Provides the clinical duties of a Rehabilitation Teacher as specified by ACVREP standards of practice
  • Provides other related Low Vision evaluation and training services as scheduled in the areas of CCTV, ZoomText, magnifiers, lighting, and job site evaluation and consultations
  • Provides assessment and evaluation of client needs in home, community, education, or vocational settings; created individualized instructional plans to achieve independent living goals
  • Records initial evaluations, monthly progress report and prepares a final report summarizing goals set and outcomes achieved and not achieved
  • Dispenses low vision, activity of daily living and orientation & mobility devices prescribed for consumers and provides instruction and training in their proper use
  • Assures timely authorization management and billing or encounter records for the provision of all clinical rehabilitation teaching procedure codes and device codes
  • Works with other staff to maintain a broad affordable inventory selection of devices for dispensing and loan purposes. Assists in tracking inventory, ordering and taking physical count of inventory with cost
  • Assures that referral sources are communicated with on a timely basis and resolves scheduling conflicts to assure maximum customer satisfactionI
  • Interfaces with other staff to assure coordinated, quality, timely, efficient community based services
  • Attends all meetings as directed by the Executive Director
  • Presents and promotes the agency and rehabilitation teaching services through educational presentations and in-service education to local clubs, organizations, schools, etc.
  • Work with other agencies or serves as a member of community based committees as needed
  • Intervenes, as necessary, on issues relating to patient complaints, health care providers' concerns, and operational issues, and takes measures to correct situation or ensures appropriate personnel are involved to facilitate correction through group consensus
  • Work closely with staff and volunteers to insure that clients are served efficiently




  • Bachelor's degree in Special Education, Rehabilitation Teaching or a related field
  • Preferred master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, Vision Rehabilitation Therapy/Rehabilitation Teaching, Special Education, Senior Services or a closely related field
  • Prefer qualifications with ACVREP certification credentials/licensure in at least one rehabilitation-related area or attain certification (CVRTor CLVT with COMS preferred) within two years of hire. Dual certification highly preferred
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred
  • At least two years of experience working directly with people who are visually impaired and/or two years of experience working with seniors
  • Sensitivity to the elderly and people with disabilities
  • Knowledge and experience in the use of current and emerging low vision optical aids and assistive technology used by people who have visual impairments preferred
  • Knowledge of Braille translation software, refreshable Braille displays, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software preferred
  • Knowledge of assistive technology relating to visual impairment
  • Ability to assess client needs, develop, implement, evaluate and document goals, progress and outcomes
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, case management software/documenting
  • Ability to learn and use agency database and computer network with efficiency
  • Strong communication, technical writing and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively in verbal and written English
  • Ability to work independently and also as part of a team
  • High degree of discretion with dealing with confidential information
  • Flexibility in response to change and adapt to new methods and procedures
  • Ability to organize, schedule and utilize time well, meet deadlines
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Competency in general office skills
  • Must have valid CA driver’s license, own transportation & acceptable auto insurances • Must be able to successfully pass a criminal background check


Additional Information: BVIC The Blind & Visually Impaired Center of Monterey County, Inc. (aka: BVIC; Blind Center) has served Monterey County residents since 1971. It offers a complete spectrum of services that help people adapt to the loss of sight. Collectively our staff provided support to 379 people last year. The majority of our clients are seniors who often have other age related health conditions. Our services are designed for the individual needs, abilities and goals of each person and are offered by our professional specialists in the comfort of your home, community and at the BVIC. Services include Training in Orientation & Mobility, Independent Living Skills, Support Services, Information and Referral, Assistive Technology and the Marjorie McNeely Low Vision Clinic. The Certified Low Vision Therapist, Certified Orientation & Mobility Special and Rehabilitation Assistant provide outreach. An Optometrist who specializes in low vision attends the clinic four to five hours a week. The BVIC is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. BVIC is a fragrance free work environment.


Closing Date: Sept. 2016


For further information, contact:

Your Name: Diana Trapani

Your Title: Executive Director

Address: 255 Laurel Ave

Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Phone: (831) 649-3505

Email: vision@blindandlowvision.org



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