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Job 3217

Physical Therapy Assistant


Oshkosh, WI


Duties: CESA 6 is seeking to employ a full-time Physical Therapy Assistant, to assist and support the Physical Therapist in the provision of physical therapy services as a related service to students in the school districts within the CESA 6 region. Job responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to: Work under the direction and supervision of the Physical Therapist in regards to student related activities. These activities may include: Assisting with data collection; Assisting the Physical Therapist in carrying out complex procedures and programs; Providing direct treatment in accordance with plans developed by the Physical Therapist; Observing, recording and reporting to the Physical Therapist conditions, reactions and responses of students. Participate in the planning process for the management/maintenance of the physical therapy program; Assist the Physical Therapist in the educational setting; Carry out other duties as assigned. The Physical Therapist Assistant will work a normal teaching work-day, unless otherwise arranged by the Coordinator of Related Services or Director of Special Education. Physical Therapy Assistants will be evaluated by the Coordinator of Related Services.


Qualifications: The individual hired for this position will have graduated from an accredited Associate Degree program and be licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction as a Physical Therapy Assistant, as well as have licensure through the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing. This position is itinerant, so the individual hired must have their own transportation, a valid driver's license and be able to drive between school districts. Strong communication skills are necessary.


Additional Information: Salary commensurate with education, background and experience. Salary is competitive within area and state. Excellent benefits. Interested applicants should submit their cover letter, resume and CESA 6 Employment Application to: Becky Neubauer, HR Director, CESA 6 2935 Universal Court Oshkosh, WI 54904 or email: bneubauer@cesa6.org CESA 6 Employment Applications are available through the CESA 6 website at www.cesa6.org . See Employment.


Closing Date: 08/31/2016


For further information, contact:

Becky Neubauer

Director, Human Resources

2935 Universal Court

Oshkosh, WI 54904

Phone: (920) 236-0569

Email: bneubauer@cesa6.org



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