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Job 3218

Preschool Teacher

Ohio School for the Deaf

Columbus, OH


Duties: Instructs students in a well-managed and creative classroom based on research-based principles and student data: •Develops learning goals and lesson plans that are appropriate for students, align with content standard and students' Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and based on individual data; Makes connections between previously learned content, present content and future content; Creates and/or selects teaching materials, leaning activities, technology and other materials that are age appropriate, align with students' needs and support learning content; Implements diversified learning strategies to meet the individual needs of students; Promotes development of appropriate personal-social behavior through positive behavior intervention supports (PBIS), participates on preschool PBIS pilot team, classroom routines and consistent expectations; Creates a climate that promotes equity and safety, including the physical environment; Establishes and maintains professional rapport with students, drawing from knowledge about individual student's background and learning styles; Checks for student understanding periodically during instruction, adjusting instruction and providing clear, substantive feedback to students. Assesses and monitors student progress: Creates or uses multiple evaluation strategies within the classroom and during formal assessment periods to determine progress toward the learning standards; Implements and collects data on individual behavior intervention plans; Analyzes data from multiple sources to determine students' strengths and needs, designs learning opportunities, evaluates success of strategies and plans interventions; Completes grade cards and progress reports each quarter and at interim periods as necessary; Conducts statewide and district wide testing as necessary. Uses effective collaboration strategies with colleagues, parents, and LEA representatives: Uses multiple, dependable and positive communication approaches to build rapport with others and to support student learning; Prepares IEPs that align with State requirements and share drafts with parents and LEAs ahead of time; Collaborates with specialists and after school staff to promote consistent application of appropriate strategies; Conducts parent-teacher conferences in face to face or video/phone conferences that results to promote learning; Conducts home visits as needed throughout the school year. Supports the mission of the Early Learning Center: Enhances public relations; Stays current of best practices, new requirements, content areas and research in deaf education/education through professional development; Participates in extra-curricular activities; Makes required reports to legal authorities; Attends faculty meetings, school committee meeting and professional development activities; Participates in own development through application of principles of Ohio's teacher evaluation system; Maintains required records and completes required forms; Reports unsafe situations immediately; Assures the careful supervision of students in classrooms, playgrounds, school grounds, hallways and on field trips; Works collaboratively with members of team to ensure the success of the Early Learning Center.


Qualifications: BA in related field; preferred MA - concentration at grade level or subject areas may be required. Preferred early learning childhood experience and/or special education knowledge (multiple disabilities). Must maintain Ohio teaching licensure for grade level, subject area or special class assignment. May be required to seek van certification. Must demonstrate advanced level on the Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI) within one year of hire, intermediate level minimum for hiring.


Closing Date: Until filled


For further information, contact:

Kimberly Basil

500 Morse Road

Columbus, OH 43214

Phone: (614) 644-5968

Email: human.resources@osdb.oh.gov



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